Elementor review

June 17, 2020
Elementor intro

Since this site was created using the Elementor WordPress plugin, it is clear why we would support it and make a review of it. In the text below, you will see why this plugin is so popular and how easy it is to use.

What exactly is Elementor and for whom is it intended

Elementor is a drag and drop WordPress plugin that makes it much easier for you to create a website. If you want to have fun working on your new web presentation or e-commerce store, and at the same time create an impressive website, you won’t go wrong with Elementor. Whether you are a beginner who needs a small blog or a developer who needs full functionality and the ability to quickly create a powerful site, Elementor will have an efficient and beautiful solution for you.

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Should you use Elementor Free or Elementor Pro

Here we will go through the features of both plugin versions to see what they contain and to compare them.

Elementor Free

Even without spending $1, you definitely get a lot using this plugin.

In the following text, we will list its advantages with the hope that we have not left out anything important:

  • Template library
  • Element canvas
  • Widgets
  • Responsiveness
  • Background
  • Language support

The first thing to mention would be the template library consisting of over 100 free templates. Whether you have a restaurant, barber shop, you’re a designer or have an application for which you want to create a website, Elementor will provide you with a multitude of possibilities and you will certainly not be disappointed with the choice.

Elementor canvas is also worth mentioning because with its help you remove all elements from the page, including header, footer and sidebars. This gives you the ability to design the page exactly the way you want it.

Widgets are another thing that should be mentioned. The free version contains about 30 drag and drop widgets. This number can also be increased with additional plugins for Elementor. In addition to the basic ones, which include widgets for additional sections, text, images and video, we would like to single out some that belong to the general category, such as image carousel, social icons and HTML placement for ads and similar stuff. Also, there are plenty of Pro widgets that we will cover below.

What is crucial today when it comes to web design is the adaptability to different devices – responsiveness. Using Elementor, you can easily switch from desktop to mobile or tablet and you can apply any editing to the live page with the click of a button, which is, admittedly, a great option.

It should also be mentioned that you can easily change the background of the page with Elementor, without being limited to images only. Namely, in addition to images and gradient styles, you can also insert video as a background, which can be a very important feature for some.

What we would like to mention in the end is that Elementor is multilingual and contains support for both RTL and LTR languages.

Elementor Pro

The pro version of Elementor may not be necessary for beginners, but it would be a must-have to anyone who wants to make more serious websites.

The important additions that we will go into in more detail below, and which are worth listing when it comes to the Pro version, are the following:

  • Theme builder
  • Pro page templates and blocks
  • Pro elements
  • Form builder
  • Embed anywhere option
  • Widget saving
  • Global settings
  • Custom CSS
  • WooCommerce integration

The theme builder option gives you control over all aspects of the look of your site such as header, footer and sidebars. Enough said.

Pro page templates and blocks will allow you to create a website faster with the use of pre-designed templates and more professionally designed elements and blocks.

Pro elements give you access to additional elements, of which there are many and from which we would single out the following widgets – form, login, call to action, media carousel, testimonial carousel, reviews, share buttons and Facebook comments. Of course, these are just some of the widgets we’ve found useful, there are many others.

Form builder is, of course, very useful and often needed tool. The advantages of this one, offered by Elementor Pro, are that you can design it quickly, from the front end. You can also easily connect it to automated marketing platforms or customer relationship management systems.

The embed anywhere option is pretty straightforward. It allows you to embed widgets anywhere with the help of short codes. If you make sites or plan them, and even if you edit your blog, you can probably conclude that this is very useful and can be applied in different ways and in different places on your site.

The widget saving option, as its name suggests, allows you to shorten the site creation process by inserting saved widgets quickly and efficiently, as needed.

The same as the widget saving option, global settings provide the possibility of fast and efficient site creation. In this case, the advantage is that you have the option to edit a widget once, and those changes will be applied anywhere on the site where that widget is located.

Custom CSS is an option that most people probably don’t need, but developers might. With this option, you can insert custom CSS into various elements of your site, and see the changes live, which is definitely useful.

WooCommerce integration gives you the ability to drag and drop the widgets and to customize your WooCommerce store. There is not much else to say, certainly a very useful option for owners or developers of online stores.


As we mentioned earlier in the text, whether you are a beginner or a professional, creating sites with Elementor is a breeze. Also, whether you opt for the Free or Pro version depends solely on you and your needs.

If you are a professional, the Pro version is clearly a better option because it will provide you with significantly more functionality and allow you to save a lot of time, and thus create more sites in a shorter period of time. You can see the plans that Elementor offers for this option here.

For beginners, our recommendation would be to start with the Free version and upgrade it later as needed. If this is what you need, click here to get started.

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