Fiverr review

June 4, 2020

As you can probably see in the banners displayed on our site, we are very confident about the Fiverr freelancing platform. Therefore, this page will be dedicated to the review of the Fiverr platform and what you can expect if you use it.

For buyers

At the beginning, it should be said that Fiverr is just one of many freelance sites. Given the popularity of this site and the huge range of very affordable services offered on it, this platform can be the perfect solution for business owners who want to get as much as possible for as little money as possible. Of course, this does not mean that the quality of work is poor, but only that the competition among freelancers is great. This is, in our opinion, a great thing. It’s great because it gives you a big choice and you can find something for everyone’s pocket. 

You should keep in mind that Fiverr, whose “gigs” start with a modest price of $5, does not only offer super affordable services. Also, the fact that the starting price for a “gig” is $5, does not mean that it has to be that low, nor that with the additional services that a freelancer can offer, it cannot be a significantly higher figure. However, everything is transparent in this wisely designed system, so it will most likely not happen that you pay for one thing and get the other. 

What should also be kept in mind is that the price of the service (either initial or final) can vary significantly depending on the type of service, the level of knowledge and the amount of work the freelancer has done so far.

Given the ease of use of this platform, the great competition among service providers and often very low prices, as a customer you cannot go wrong here. Ultimately, as with any type of investment, make a test and start from what you are willing to lose, although it is unlikely that you can have any loss here.

It should also be noted that you can pay for services securely through all popular payment options such as credit / debit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay, for example.

That’s it when it comes to buying through Fiverr. If the ads leading to the website aren’t shown on this page for any reason, you can enter the world of Fiverr here and take advantage of all its perks.

For sellers

To those who are interested in selling their services on Fiverr, there is a lot you can hope for and look forward to when it comes to this platform. Despite the mentioned popularity of the site and very affordable services, on this platform you will come across a huge number of opportunities when it comes to earnings. Of course, chances are that experienced freelancers will find it easier to get jobs, as well as those who use the platform longer, since they have more reviews. However, don’t be afraid, if you have one of the many needed skills and if you are persistent enough, the jobs will come.

When it comes to skills, Fiverr also offers the option to test your knowledge. You can do tests for design, sales, languages and more, which will be displayed on your profile after you pass them, if you wish. This will increase the chance that the buyer of the service will hire you, perhaps even for a job that is not related to the “gigs” you offer.

As for billing for your services, you can use PayPal, Fiver Revenue Card, Bank Transfer or a Direct Deposit (this last one is only available to sellers residing in the U.S.).

Given that the freelance world is getting bigger every day and that you can easily earn extra money through it (maybe even a serious monthly income), it would be a mistake not to take full advantage of that world. So click here and start making money today!


Our impression is that the Fiverr platform is safe and reliable, with a lot of good opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

The offer is great, as well as the possibility of finding quality service and quality people for future cooperation.

All in all, this is a site that deserves praise and recommendation.

More information about the services offered on the site, payment and withdrawal methods or anything else related to Fiverr can be found on the site which you can access here.

We hope this text has provided you with useful information and wish you luck in your future business ventures!